Wine and Food Pairing No-Nos!

There is a lot of information what wine to pair with what food, and what works with what. It seems that almost every single self-respecting wine-lover has given his two cents on the subject. But now, what about something different. Let’s talk about foods that should never, or rarely be paired with wine.

There are some chefs that love the challenge, but the fact remains that not all foods pair well with wine. Let’s put it simple: there are chemical compounds found in certain foods that make them very tough to pair, while others just simply pose a challenge, and are better left to be paired with something else.

Wine should be respected, and so should food, and therefore they should each be served with something that compliments. The pair should not detract or, god forbid, disgust.

So what are some foods to avoid while preparing that home cooked wine dinner for your friends or special one?

  • Salad with vinegar


The sole reason we are keeping the fresh leafy greens from the wine is the dressing. The vinegar will definitely change the perceived taste of the wine. If you are contemplating drinking an extraordinary glass of wine, why ruin its natural taste? Everything acidic would make the wine taste sweeter than it actually is.

  • Artichokes


Same issue as above – anything you taste after you’ve eaten artichokes would taste sweeter. However, it is not the acid here which changes the perceived taste, but a substance called cynarin. Cynarin alters your perceived taste, and even if you drink water after eating artichoke, it will taste sweeter.

  • Asparagus


Aspragus has some sulfur compounds that cause problems with wine pairing. The reason for what makes this combination terrible is that the sulfur mimics the taste of wine fault. Trust me and simply don’t do it.

Other vegetables with the same sulfur compound are Brussels sprouts, garlic, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Some other foods that you’d better avoid pairing with your wine are:

  • Haddock

  • Cod Fish

  • Chilies
  • Blue cheese
  • Soy sauce

Although these are hard to match to a good wine, if you really really want to serve wine- pour sparkling wine or Champagne… it tends to pair well with many stubborn foods!

And remember, watch carefully what you eat and what you drink. Eating /drinking/ excess calories for a prolonged period of time would make you fatter and may cause serious health problems. Don’t forget to practice sports regularly as it influences your health immensely. It does not matter what sport you practice (as long as it is not eating chips in front of the TV) it would make you stronger, healthier and happier!

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